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Gut Health

Jemma's personal journey has inspired her interest in gut health for 20+ years. 

Personal experience managing coeliac disease, food protein allergies, variable FODMAP tolerance, inflammatory bowel disease and other inflammatory/autoimmune conditions, 

Jemma has explored the role diet plays in gut health and the impact on other symptoms.

She shares the variety of practical tips & tricks she has picked up along the way.

Hugging a Pillow

Additional Gut Health Training & Certification

Jemma has undertaken additional training and certification in areas of Gut Health including:

  • Monash University's Low FODMAP diet

  • Chron's Disease Exclusion Diet (CDED)

  • Gluten Free Diet

  • Anti Inflammatory Diet

  • Microba Microbiota Certification

  • RPAH Elimination Diet

  • Faecal Microbiota Transplantation

Jemma is passionate about helping her clients improve their gut symptoms as well as optimise their gut microbiome.  

Hugging a Pillow
Green Juices

What can help?

Jemma has extensive product knowledge and can help you navigate the practicalities of what food you can include instead of regular favourites when undertaking big changes like gluten free, low FODMAP, CDED and anti inflammatory diets.  She feels strongly that the more options you have the better! Don't worry, there's no green juice in sight (unless you want there to be!)

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